How Games Make Kids Smarter

How Games Make Kids Smarter

Do kids these days have short attention spans, or does the world just move too slow? Gabe Zichermann suggests that today’s video games are making children smarter — and we should all embrace gamification.

Why you should listen

Gabe Zichermann is an entrepreneur and author whose work centers on gamification–and the power of games to help engage people and build strong organizations and communities. In 2010, he chaired the Gamification summit, a conference dedicated to gamification and “engagement mechanics.” An avid blogger on the subject, he co-authored the book “Game-Based Marketing”, which examines the innovative trend of using game mechanics to engage and build a customer base.

What others say

[blockquote author=”Jonathan Epstein CEO, Double Fusion, former EVP, IGN-Gamespy”]”If you haven’t applied games to advertising, marketing, or brand management, you’ll want to get and study this book — or it could be game over for you.”[/blockquote]

– Jonathan Epstein CEO, Double Fusion, former EVP, IGN/Gamespy


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