School is more than academics and athletics. At North Point we are about building strong relationships with students, acting as mentors and guides within a small family-like atmosphere where students feel comfortable and supported to maximize their potential. Read on to learn more about a ‘day in the life’ of our students, who the Navigators are, our Navigators squads, and the many traditions that make North Point unique.

Action Friday

Throughout the year on selected Friday’s, our student body is out on some kind of action or adventure in the community.  Whether it is a visit to a recycling plant, Dunvegan Gardens, Granary Road or a hike in the mountains, Terry Fox Run, fencing or archery, to name just a few, our students connect with the community around them while also having a chance to get to know their schoolmates from other grades and programs in a different light. Action Friday’s bring our community together.

High School Lunch Time

Our high school students have some flexibility at lunch time.  Many of our students walk over to Marda Loop for a stop at Safeway, Starbucks or Subway during lunch break.  It’s about a 15 minute round trip walk using the walking overpass above Crowchild Trail.

Ordered Lunch Days

Two times a week, students have the opportunity to order lunch.  Our Healthy Hunger program on Mondays is run by our Parent Council and Hotdog Thursday is run by our teachers and high school students as a fundraiser for outdoor education and adventure activities.  In both cases, parents and/or students can order in advance to have a hot lunch ready on either of or both days.

Physical Education @ Mount Royal University

Our Currie campus, which houses our High School along with our grade 8-9 boys and Girls School, is a 3 minute shuttle ride away from Mount Royal University.  The majority of our physical education programming for the Currie Campus is done at MRU.  We utilize their outstanding gymnasiums along with their climbing centre, squash courts, fitness training facilities and swimming pool.


  • High school students are more independent in their learning.
  • The academic and social differences between boys and girls becomes less of an issue in the classroom at this stage in their development.  
  • A co-ed high School will create a more robust social environment at North Point as students prepare for the next steps in their education. 

Outdoor Activity Areas

Our Currie Campus features access to the large historical parade square and two large green spaces for students to be active during breaks and some physical education classes when weather permits.  Our students can play soccer, ball hockey, basketball, football, ultimate and other games during their breaks or before and after school.

North Point offers TWO bus routes with various pick up locations. After arriving at our Richmond Campus in the morning, our bus then shuttles students to the Currie Campus.  In the afternoon the reverse happens whereby our Currie students take a shuttle back to Richmond before the buses depart for their afternoon runs.

  • Our NW route begins in Tuscany and generally follows Crowchild Trail with a few pick-up locations on the way to the school close to Crowchild. Communities include Scenic Acres, Varsity and Hillhurst.
  • Our SW/SE route begins in McKenzie Towne with various stops in the SE mostly following McLeod Trail including Lake Bonavista before heading west into Woodbine.  From there it follows 14th St – Glenmore – Crowchild then 20th St. through Aladore and into the school in Richmond.
  • Driving – With consent from parents and the appropriate permission forms submitted, high school students are able to drive to school. There is plenty of free parking available.

Cost for bussing is $1700 per year round trip or $850 one way.   Other options may be available if you require a more flexible schedule.

For more information please contact Dave Jackson (Business Manager) at 403-744-5214 or email djackson@northpoint.school

School Schedule / Timetable

Our school day runs Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m with lunch from 12:10 – 12:50 pm.  We run what we like to call a ‘hybrid schedule’ with some of our courses being semestered and others running the full school year.

Check out our Calendar for important dates.

School Uniform

North Point students attend school in our casual uniform. This involves a North Point branded shirt or hoodie paired with pants or shorts of their choice (no rips/tears). Every Wednesday, students wear North Point ‘formal’ – boys wear navy North Point polo and khaki pants while girls wear white North Point polo, navy cardigan and navy pants/skorts.


Navigators is our school team name because true Navigators are Respectful, Resourceful, Resilient, Relentless and Responsible in their pursuit of everything they do

Navigators Squads

Upon joining North Point each student becomes part of a Navigators Squad.  These squads provide the foundation for friendly rivalry and camaraderie for your child’s entire time at North Point. Throughout the year, students participate in numerous challenges (academic, physical, character). While building up skills, these challenges are also for the elusive pursuit of the Navigators’ Cup & Pizza Party – awarded to the squad with the most points at the end of the school year.

Navigators Athletics

Students in grades 7-12 can participate on the North Point Navigators athletic teams that compete within the Calgary Independent School Athletic Association (CISAA). North Point athletics teams include:

FALL: Golf, Cross Country Running, Volleyball, Ultimate

WINTER: Basketball, Curling, Floor Hockey, Badminton

SPRING: Track & Field, Rugby, Soccer

School Traditions

North Point students participate in a number of traditions throughout the school year. These include:

    • TownHall Assembly / Fun Lunch : Typically held on the last Tuesday of every month, we hold a TownHall Assembly for students to highlight the positive activities that have taken place during the month, discuss opportunities for improvement and preview upcoming activities. Additionally, this is also dress down day and Fun Lunch day. Standard dress code is not required on this day.  North Point School supplies lunch to all students on this day.
    • Retreats : This is a team / culture building 3-day/2-night outdoor education retreat for students in Grades 4-12 held annually in late September.
    • Christmas Ornament Tradition : each student new to the school brings in an ornament with their name or initials on it and places it on the school Christmas trees.  We keep the ornament and continue to put it on the tree every year to celebrate our school family throughout the years.
    • Mountain Day: a surprise day hiking in the mountains! – The special Mountain Day bell is rung by the Head of School in the morning, letting all students know that classes are canceled and they will be participating in a day of fun, camaraderie and fresh air.

Travel Program

Students in grades 8-12 may participate in an optional travel program to Utah/Arizona held every spring break. This annual trip of 11 days – three travel days and eight exploration days – takes a group of adventurous, curious and courageous boys to the southern Utah desert. The students are introduced to canyoneering, repelling, hiking, climbing, camping, meal preparation and outdoor survival skills. This is a trip the students will remember forever!

*Program fees apply to this optional trip.