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North Point Student Life

School is more than academics and athletics. Thank you making it this far in learning about life at North Point. Read on to find out what time students start school, who the Navigators are, how students are part of Navigators squads, and what traditions are ingrained in student life at North Point.

Student Life Basics

Here are some of the basics of school life at North Point School.

School Life


North Point offers TWO bus routes with community pick up points.

  1. Our NW route has begins in Tuscany and generally follows Crowchild Trail with a few pick-up locations on the way to the school close to Crowchild. Communities include Scenic Acres, Varsity and Hillhurst.
  2. Our SW/SE route begins in McKenzie Towne with various stops in the SE mostly following McLeod Trail including Lake Bonavista before heading west into Woodbine.  From there it follows 14th St – Glenmore – Crowchild then 20th St. through Aladore and into the school in Richmond.

We also offer a free AM/PM shuttle service to/from the High School campus in Currie from our Richmond Campus.

Cost is $1500 per year round trip or $750 one way.   Other options are available.

For more information please contact Dave Jackson (Business Manager) at 403-744-5214 or email

School Schedule / Timetable

We closely follow the Calgary public education schedule when it comes to Professional Development days, and for Christmas and Spring Breaks (we have two weeks off for each of those). Our school day runs Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.


North Point students attend school in our official uniform. This involves a North Point branded shirt paired with bottoms of their choice (no rips/tears). Every Wednesday, students wear North Point ‘formal’ – navy North Point polo and khaki pants/shorts.

Parent Council

The Friends of North Point Society is our official parent council. They take on a variety of programs/projects throughout the year. Through then, we offer Healthy Hunger lunches weekly on Mondays. All parents are welcome to attend the monthly meetings.

North Point Navigators

Navigators are more then just our team name. Navigators are curious, eager, resourceful and relentless in their pursuit of everything they do.

Navigators Squads

Each student upon joining North Point becomes part of a Navigators Squad.  These squads provide the foundation for friendly rivalry and camaraderie for your boy’s entire time at North Point. Throughout the year, students participate in numerous challenges (academic, physical, character). While building up skills, these challenges are also for the elusive pursuit of the Navigators’ Cup – awarded to the squad with the most points at the end of the school year.

Navigators Athletics

Students in grades 7-9 can participate on the North Point Navigators athletic teams that compete within the Calgary Independent School Athletic Association (CISAA). North Point athletics teams include:

FALL: Golf, Cross Country Running, Volleyball

WINTER: Basketball, Floor Hockey, Badminton

SPRING: Track & Field

Gr. 6-9 Outdoor Education Travel Program*

Students in grades 6-9 may participate in an optional travel program to Utah/Arizona held every spring break. This annual trip of 11 days – three travel days and eight exploration days – takes a group of adventurous, curious and courageous boys to the southern Utah desert during spring break. The students are introduced to canyoneering, repelling, hiking, climbing, camping, meal preparation and outdoor survival skills. This is the trip of a lifetime!

*Program fees apply to this optional trip.


Visit North Point Travel Program on social media – @northpointtravel


School Traditions

North Point students participate in a number of traditions throughout the school year. These include:

  • Blue Lake Camp : 3-day/2-night outdoor education retreat for students in Grades 4-9 and held annually in late September.
  • Christmas Ornament : each student new to the school in a school year brings an ornament and places it on the school Christmas tree.
  • Mountain Day : a surprise day in the mountains. – the Mountain Day bell is rung in the morning, telling all students that classes are cancelled and they participate in a day of camaraderie, hiking and fresh air.