Key Elements of Our Program

Experiential Learning

Real world experience and application gives concepts purpose and deeper understanding.

Socratic Teaching

Fosters critical thinking, self-confidence, language development and allows students to look for solutions through healthy, constructive debate. It is about giving students questions, not answers.

Applied and Integrated Technology

Adaptive software and supportive teachers will accommodate different learning styles, getting away from the “one size fits all” approach to education.

Personalized Natural Learning

Students will learn in a way and at a pace that comes naturally to them, finding the balance between learning that is too difficult so that a student gets frustrated; or too easy so that a student gets bored.


Strong, positive and energetic role models are critical to the mental, social, physical and emotional development of young boys as they travel through childhood, adolescence and on to adulthood. Our teachers are guides and facilitators helping prepare our North Point boys to become resourceful, resilient, responsible and respectful young men.


An expanded athletic program that recognizes the importance of physical fitness and a multi-sport mindset, with an understanding that increased physical activity enhances classroom learning and a healthy lifestyle.

Outdoor Education

Experience in the wilderness fosters courage, self-reliance, cooperation and resilience. As students’ mature, risk and achievement are necessities in forming their identity and confidence. Taking on challenges and overcoming adversity strengthens character.


Exposure to different organizations, businesses and entrepreneurs gives students understanding of their place in the world. Community service cultivates compassion, understanding, tolerance and leadership.

Skill Mastery

Mastery learning ensures that a student has a complete understanding of a concept before moving on to a more complex concept. Whereas in a traditional classroom, there is not enough time to wait for each student to master each skill, the North Point model uses adaptive technology and individual guidance to ensure each child achieves success.

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