PEP Hockey Academy

North Point provides students with a range of Options and Discoveries that allows North Point boys to explore new and challenging opportunities. Our Academy program format is designed to offer deeper development in a specific area and usually last 5-7 months long.

Our first athletic Academy program will be our exclusive Hockey Academy. Power Edge Pro (PEP) has emerged as the leader in hockey skill training. With Reactive Countering Training © being the base for the hockey skill training, players quickly learn to coordinate their hands, feet, eyes, brain & conditioning to significantly improve their hockey skills.

In partnering with Power Edge Pro Calgary, the Hockey Academy provides students with:

  • 56 PEP on-ice sessions from October 2016 – May 2017 (integrated as part of the Phys. Ed curriculum)
  • 28 Leadership Lunch Clubs at the North Point
  • Each player receives a PEP Jersey
  • iPad PEP App Access

Hockey Academy news announcement

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