Personal Financial Education for all ages

The Financial Academy at North Point School provides students with economic and personal financial literacy lessons. This state-of-the-art program is designed to engage a student’s understanding of financial literacy as a critical life-skill.

Financial Fridays at North Point consist of weekly personal financial lessons that include instructional materials, video presentations, activities, integrated testing and student recognition. Lessons are geared towards specific age-group: K-2, Grade 3-6 and Grades 7-9.

Our comprehensive classroom-tested curriculum, teaching pedagogy and instructional materials meet the highest standards of personal financial education for Grades K-9. Classroom instruction is delivered by qualified financial education instructors using learning techniques that motivate and inspire students to make life-long financially responsible decisions.

The Financial Academy showcases North Point’s continued development of unique and forward-thinking learning environments that use best practices and are developed specifically for each grade level.

This annual event allows North Point students to experience the entrepreneurial process, build community and provides a marketplace for our future businessmen. Over several months, each student decides on their product/service, develops a brand and marketing strategy and sells their product/service at the annual one-day Business Fair. On event day, students prepare their booths, display products/services and manage customers sales. Students keep the money the earn. We encourage all to be creative, successful and profitable in their ventures.

The business fair is a key component of the Financial Academy curriculum taught at North Point.