At North Point School for Boys we believe that physical education, fitness, and wellness are at the core foundation of student development. We offer a multitude of competitive and non-competitive programming options to ensure our students are encouraged to live active and healthy lifestyles.

We Encourage Active Learning

Our expanded physical-education program recognizes the importance of physical fitness and a multi-sport mindset. Increased physical activity enhances classroom learning and a healthy lifestyle.

– Founder, Kim Pirie

We Know Boys

  • Boys tend to be Visual and Kinesthetic learners.
  • Boys process and express emotions differently than girls.
  • Boys need male role models.
  • Boys and girls develop different skills at different stages.
  • Boys mature later than girls – physically and socially.
  • Boys are curious and creative.
  • Boys have boundless physical energy.
  • Boys can be impulsive.
  • Boys tend to be disorganized.
  • Boys are competitive and are risk takers.

It is with this understanding that we have created an environment that celebrates boys’ strengths and interests, understands areas of growth, and is realistic about behaviour expectations.

North Point Navigator Athletics

North Point competes within the Calgary Independent School Athletic Association (CISAA) offering competitive teams for cross country running, golf, volleyball, basketball, floor hockey, badminton, and track and field. These competitive teams are open to students in Grade 7 and up and participation in school athletic teams is highly encouraged as we enjoy having so many diverse student-athletes within our student body.

Fall Sports

Cross Country Running

Winter Sports

Floor Hockey

Spring Sports

Track & Field

Intramural Programming

Promoting student leadership, character and student excellence

We also offer structured intramural programming for students in Grade 3 and up, to provide an opportunity to compete in a variety of different sports and activities during their recess breaks. Intramural sports include fun inter-school leagues from floor hockey, basketball, soccer, dodgeball, handball, and some fun alternative drop-in options for students to participate. Participation in intramural league sports is encouraged by awarding students navigator points for their participation, as well as unique awards to promote student leadership, character, a demonstration of the 5 R’s, and student excellence.