WE Believe in real-life, experiential learning

Learning Re-Imagined

We are reinventing education, one student at a time.

The time has come to revolutionize the way we teach. The world has changed dramatically, and it is time for schools to adapt. We believe that a large number of boys are not being effectively educated and we plan to make a difference in the following ways:

Blended Learning

Adaptive Technology and Direct Instruction

Blended Learning uses a combination of direct instruction and integrated technology. This allows flexibility in the learning process with the understanding that a “one size fits all” approach does not work for everyone. At North Point School we integrate laptops, tablets and interactive whiteboards into the daily routine.

Adaptive technology allows students to go at their own natural pace and master each lesson before moving on. Direct teaching ensures that students are in an active environment, learning specific concepts as set out by Alberta Education.

Experiential Learning

Real World Application

We believe that real world experience and application gives concepts purpose and deeper understanding. Whether outdoors in nature, in the community, in the engineering academy or during dramatic arts, we want our students learning by doing. There’s plenty of research that shows how active learning, especially in boys, creates more durable neural pathways over passive, traditional learning methods.

Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand. – Chinese proverb

Socratic Teaching

Learning to Question

Socratic teaching empowers students to analyse a topic, think for themselves, and express their opinions freely, while listening and respecting other points of view. We want students to be self-aware. Students gather in small groups to discuss various topics. Whether it is current events, a moment in history, a book or play that has been read, students learn to express their ideas in a safe, open environment. This process fosters critical thinking, self-confidence, language development and allows students to look for solutions through healthy, constructive debate. It is about giving students questions, not answers.


Positive and Energetic Role Models

Strong, positive and energetic role models are critical to the mental, social, physical and emotional development of young boys as they travel through childhood, adolescence and on to adulthood. Our teachers are guides and facilitators helping prepare our North Point boys to become resourceful, resilient, relentless, responsible and respectful young men.

Skill Mastery

Working at YOUR pace!

Simply put, Mastery Learning is ensuring that a student has a complete understanding of a concept before moving on to a more complex concept. In the traditional classroom, there is not enough time to wait for each student to master each concept. In the North Point learning model the use of adaptive technology and direct instruction allows a student to master a concept at his own pace. By achieving a complete understanding, students will achieve success, feeling good about themselves and their learning.

Outdoor Education and Physical Activity

Athletics, Physical Education and more

North Point has a dedicated and substantial athletic and outdoor adventure component embedded daily into the curriculum. We believe that experience in the wilderness fosters courage, self-reliance, cooperation and resilience, while instilling a sense of wonder and curiosity about the world. Whether it is a challenging hike in the mountains, a river rafting journey or a ropes course, as students’ mature, risk and achievement are necessities in forming their identity and confidence. Taking on challenges and overcoming adversity strengthens character. By stepping out of their comfort zone and taking managed risks in a safe environment, students gain a higher sense of self-esteem. We want the boys at North Point to leave as leaders with a strong sense of who they are.

The expanded ACTIVE program recognizes the importance of physical fitness and a multi-sport mindset, with the understanding that increased physical activity enhances classroom learning and a healthy lifestyle. The Physical Education and Athletic program at North Point is designed to improve our boys’ overall physical fitness levels and provide them with an opportunity to try a wide variety of individual and team sports. Daily physical activity is a core component of the North Point School model. We understand the importance that rigorous physical activity plays for the mind, body and spirit.


We are part of bigger world

At North Point, our boys connect with the community. We believe that schools should not exist in isolation and that our students should understand they are part of a bigger world. Boys receive exposure to different organizations, businesses and entrepreneurs sharing their entrepreneurial and service experience. Our school looks for ways to give back to the community as a part of leadership development. This community involvement cultivates compassion, understanding, tolerance and leadership in our North Point students.