Boys Sell Out at Business Fair !

Boys in Business - 2nd Annual Business Fair

“The 2nd Annual Boys in Business was the highlight of my year”, said North Point School founder Kim Pirie. Our students, aged 5 to 14, manned their booths to provide over 40 stalls selling products to a crowd of supportive family, friends and local residents under mostly sunny skies. This annual event is part of our Financial Academy at North Point School and was overseen by Bruce Groberman, Director of Financial Education.

“The boys have been working on these projects for several months. There is a great deal of planning involved, not to mention the actual labor to produce the products sold at the outdoor market. We were very pleased with the turnout on the day of the event and already have many ideas for the years to come. We plan to develop the best student business fair in the country!”, commented Bruce. “On event day, we had a panel of judges evaluating the businesses based on their booth preparation, product, customer interaction and more.”

The June 17 fair ran from 10am to 1pm and featured over 40 businesses, sponsors and a food truck. Event sponsors TD Bank and ATB Financial both attended and were honoured to be judges for this event. Marna, TD and Nancy, ATB and our third judge, Gina, spent time talking to many of the boys about their ideas and the process of getting to June 17. The Grilled Food Truck provided sustenance to the eager shoppers. Several businesses were seen with SOLD OUT on their signs near the end of the fair!

To learn more about the Boys in Business and the Financial Academy at North Point, please visit our website here.

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