Be Brave Hitmen #EndBullying Game

Be Brave Hitmen #EndBullying Game

The “Sea of Red” Turned Pink for the Day

Yesterday, the entire school had the opportunity to attend the 4th annual Telus Be Brave hockey game where the Hitmen hosted the Winnipeg ICE. During this educational event, over 12,000 Calgary and area students were in attendance, garbed in pink shirts and learned about acceptance and bullying prevention from three guest speakers, concourse displays and in-game activities. Randy Chevrier, City of Calgary firefighter, three-time Grey Cup Champion and Dare to Care ambassador, explained the difference between conflict and bullying during the pre-game program. Kelcey Moore, 2020 Calgary Stampede Queen, spoke in the first intermission while Brigette Lacquette , the first Indigenous hockey player to be named to Canada’s National Women’s Team and 2018 Olympic silver medalist, addressed the crowd in the second intermission. The Hitmen topped off the experience by making it a 3-1 win on home ice.

Here are some things the boys learned:

“You can spread kindness by doing kind things to others”

“Giving HUGS!” – Grade 8 student

“Kindness starts by someone doing one good deed. That good deed with make someone do another, and then soon enough the whole school will be doing good deeds to each other” – Grade 5 student

“Kindness is being a friend to everyone!”

“Kindness is helping other kids when they get hurt or sad” – Grade 4 student

“Kindness is helping people with their work” – Grade 5 student

“Be nice to people even if they are not nice to you” – Grade 5 student

“Give compliments to people” – Grade 5 student

“You can show kindness by holding doors open for others” – Grade 7 student

“Now in its fourth season, TELUS BE BRAVE has become one of our signature games and a movement in our community,” commented Hitmen Vice President and Alternate Governor Mike Moore.  “Every student in attendance will wear a pink shirt in a show of solidarity against bullying while all schools receive resources to equip students with tools to help #EndBullying. This is an amazing experience that we are proud to share with all the students, our players and everyone who has the opportunity to be at the event.”

Hang Bullying Out to Dry

In preparation for the event, the Grades 1-3s worked out their ideas about bullying in a creative art display.