Faculty and Staff

Faculty & Staff

Our Team

Kim Pirie, MBA, BA Honours


Since its inception in 1993, Kim has been the Managing Director of the Pirie Foundation, a private foundation that focuses on investment in education. Prior to that she was Manager of Exploration and Corporate Affairs at Sabre Energy Ltd., and from 1987 to 1991, she worked as a Geologist with Shell Canada. MORE.

Brent Devost, B. Ed.

Head of School

Brent has been coaching, teaching and mentoring boys both in and out of the classroom for over 25 years, and developing young leaders has been both his lifelong passion and commitment. Through his vision and keen understanding of how to build, lead and foster teams and environments, he has carved out creative and successful paths for thousands of students. MORE

Brandon McClelland, B. Ed.

Associate Principal

Brandon comes to North Point with almost 25 years of experience in education. His commitment and dedication to his students, families, colleagues and schools has always been evident. With over 20 years of teaching experience from grade 8 to 12 Mathematics, varying from extremely modified to IB Math 30 and Calculus, Brandon has experienced tremendous amounts of success and many accolades in two provinces. MORE

Stacey Bjornson, BBA, B. Ed.


With a decade of work experience in the hospitality industry and a Bachelor of Business Administration degree under her belt, Stacey decided to pursue another of her passions—educating.  Stacey completed her Bachelor of Education degree at the University of Calgary in 2018 and hit the ground running, teaching grades one and four in a Calgary Board of Education Science Program. Here, she revelled in the facilitation of exploration and learning in the natural world. As an Educator, Stacey believes strongly in a hands-on, land-based and experiential learning approach and follows a relationship first philosophy.

Brendan Fagan, BA, B. Ed.


From the moment students enter the school, Mr.Fagan strives to nurture an environment that guides boys to establish healthy values and a strong sense of character.
Mr.Fagan has been teaching Humanities, Physical Education, and instructing Hockey at North Point for the last five years. Prior to attaining his education degree, Mr.Fagan spent four years studying history and sociology at Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia where he received his Bachelor of Arts.

Nancy Fairhead, BA, B. Ed.


We are so fortunate to have been able to secure someone with Nancy’s teaching experience and expertise to take on the role of Teaching Assistant (Monday’s & Wednesday’s) to all three of our mentor groups. Nancy has been teaching and motivating students for the last 15 years in and around Calgary. As a native Calgarian, Nancy graduated twice from the University of Calgary. Her first degree is a BA in Archaeology and shortly after, a B.Ed. in the Masters of Teaching Program. MORE

Paige Glowa, BA, B. Ed.


Miss. Glowa’s five years as a teacher includes the rich teaching experiences of teaching in Kuwait as well as at a school for children with special needs here in Calgary. Paige completed a Bachelor of Elementary Education degree at the University of Calgary with a major in inclusive education. Prior to that, Miss. Glowa completed a Bachelor of Arts degree from Brandon University in 2014 with a major in French and a minor in psychology.

Bruce Groberman

Director of Financial Education

Bruce created and instructs the financial literacy and entrepreneurship program for North Point School. He is the lead for the Boys in Business Fair. Previously he worked in the investment industry for 20 years as an equities, options and futures adviser, where he introduced hundreds of new investors to stock and options investing. In his spare time, he delivers workshops teaching about the psychology of money, investments, interest, budgeting and making smart confident financial choices.

Lance Humeniuk, B. Ed.

Teacher / Athletic Director

He has had over 22 years of experience as a physical education teacher and coach, and has also been the sports coordinator for the Calgary Independent Schools for much of his career. Mr. Humeniuk has collaborated with the City of Calgary, Sport Calgary, and many local leaders in a wide range of youth sports with a focus on designing, developing, and providing innovative solutions that encourage and provide access to better training and play. With a particular passion for finding better ways to connect kids to wellness, activity, and a positive, healthy lifestyle, Lance has received several accolades at the local, provincial and national level.

Jennifer Hersak, B. Ed.


Jennifer has spent the last 6 years teaching primary education. Prior to that she was a substitute teacher in the Christ Redeemer School Division and stayed home to raise her 2 children, now aged 8 & 11. She moved to Alberta in 2006 from Manitoba where she taught various grades and took her certification in Reading Recovery. MORE

Jason Hirtle, B.Sc./Kin., M.Ed


Since graduating from St. Francis Xavier University in 1996, Jason has continued his passion for personal growth, education and coaching for the past 20 years. Growing up in a rural Nova Scotia public school environment, having his children in the Alberta Catholic school system and then teaching in the Alberta private school sector, has enabled Jason to have a well-rounded and unique perspective on student behaviour and learning. MORE

Dave Jackson

Business Manager

Dave’s entire 30 year career as Business Manager has been in the Private School sector. He brings the whole package to North Point School. After spending 20 years as Business Manager in a private school in Vancouver and 10 years at two other Calgary private schools (Calgary French & International School and EDGE School for Athletes), Dave accepted the challenge to join an incredible team to get North Point started and grow this innovative school to its full potential. MORE

Scott Kostecki, B. Ed.

Assistant Principal/Teacher

Scott has been inspiring students in his math and science classrooms for over 15 years. After graduating with his Bachelor of Education from the University of Manitoba in 2000, Scott traveled to Leeds, England where he taught for 3 years and created an Education Centre inside of a Coca Cola bottling facility. Upon his return to Canada, Scott joined the Edge School for Athletes staff and spent 12 years making a difference in the lives of students, staff and parents on a daily basis. MORE

Angela McPeake, B. Ed.


In a short amount of time, Miss. McPeake has gained a wealth of teaching knowledge. Since graduating with a Bachelor of Education from the University of Lethbridge in 2016, she has taught preschool through grade 12 students throughout Southern Alberta and in London, England. Angela loves travelling to experience the history and culture of different places around the world. This is one of the sparks in her aspiration to teach Social Studies and English Language Arts. While Angela loves to explore outside of the city, she will always call Calgary her home. It’s here that she lives with her partner Matt and her dog Earl. MORE

Ibrahim Qureshi, B. Ed.


Ibrahim Qureshi is an energetic and enthusiastic teacher, who began working in youth athletics back in 2008. Since then he has coached a multitude of sports from: cross country, soccer, basketball, volleyball, fencing and track and field. He has been an active member in the local community and in his free time has helped with the development of youth and community athletics in different non-for-profit organizations. He is a former varsity fencer who competed at the provincial level in Canada, and has assisted in the growth of the sport of fencing both in Ontario and internationally. Having coached national level youth athletes in Saudi Arabia for 3 years and assisted in programs and the development of the sport in Niagara Falls. MORE

Les Redick, B.Sc., B.Ed., M.Ed.

Teacher / Student Services

Curriculum Specialist/Outdoor Education Leader/Medic & Research Scholar/Presenter
Les Redick is an award-winning Alberta Education teacher who joined our team at North Point in 2017. He is a native Calgarian with over thirty years combined teaching and learning success working in a private school setting. Les is a Junior/Senior-high core curriculum specialist, certified Outdoor Educational leader, and wilderness medic, as well as an ADHD research scholar and international speaker. MORE

Dorothy Reimer, BFA (Visual Comm.)

Communications/Marketing & Admin Specialist

Dorothy Reimer joined North Point School in 2019 and leads our communications and marketing. Her communication skills, organizational abilities, years of experience, and training in design all add to her natural artistic abilities. Dorothy understands the importance and process of creating a cohesive and unique brand. She brings a wealth of experience in online and brand design with various Calgary companies. Dorothy ran her own graphic design company for years and loves being back in a bustling work environment. When not working at North Point, Dorothy is busy on her acreage with her family !

Emily Works, B.Ed


Emily is a huge proponent of real life learning, educating the whole child and believes in the importance of using alternative methods of teaching in order to foster a well-rounded education for students. MORE

Jessica Zhang, B.Sc., B.Ed.


Mrs. Zhang has dreamed of being a teacher since she was in kindergarten and has worked with youth in both recreational and tutoring settings along her path of achieving her Bachelor of Science (Mathematics) and Bachelor of Education with focus on secondary math. Upon graduating in 2017, she has taught students a variety of students ranging from gifted to those needing remedial math support and has three years experience working with students with learning disabilities including those with math LD, ADHD, math anxiety, test anxiety and general anxiety. Mrs. Zhang has also taught Speech, Leadership and Tourism.