We know boys

Who We Are

North Point was founded in Calgary, Alberta, in 2014 as an accredited, non-profit private school to provide a learning environment that is well suited to the way boys learn and behave.  North Point School for Boys serves boys from kindergarten to grade 12.


To instil in boys a love of learning, inspire them to reach their full potential, and develop young men of character. 


To provide an enriched learning environment for boys, with a focus on hands-on learning, individual excellence and character.  Our unique learning model will foster independence, creativity, curiosity, and respect for self and others, while teaching the skills required to navigate tomorrow’s world.

If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn. -Ignacio Estrada

Why a Boys School?

North Point believes that a unique educational environment can be tailored for boys to meet their learning needs.  We know that boys and girls develop different skills at different stages.  We understand that boys generally have more developed gross motor skills and therefore require more physical activity.  We recognize that boys listen and learn better if they are given the time and space to move around and manipulate things.  We know that boys tend to be high energy, can be more impulsive, are less organized, thrive on competition, and mature later than girls.  We appreciate the importance of boys developing relationships with strong role models for their overall wellbeing and security.  It is with this understanding that we have created a setting that is well-suited to the way boys learn and behave.

What We Value

We value self-reliance, creativity, leadership, individuality, respect for self and others, a strong sense of curiosity, and an appreciation of the outdoors. Through an integrated approach, our program at North Point will focus on Academics, Outdoor Exploration, Technology, Athletics, the Arts, Leadership and Community Service. We strive to motivate our boys to accomplish whatever they set out to do, in their own unique way. Ultimately, our goal is to unlock their desire to learn, while at North Point and throughout their lives.

Our Students

North Point School welcomes all Boys who are curious, enthusiastic, and would benefit from an active learning environment. It is for students who want to achieve their personal best academically, while exploring and interacting with the world around them. The North Point program is designed for students of all academic ability.  We recognize that each student comes with their own unique gifts and interests and that a diverse school community benefits everyone.