We know boys

Who We Are

North Point was founded in Calgary, Alberta, in 2014 to provide boys with an alternative learning environment to the traditional, outdated factory-style model that has been in place in our North American schools for the past 100 years. North Point is being offered to boys entering Kindergarten to Grade 9.

Our goal is to create a setting in which boys are challenged and motivated, resulting in a genuine love of learning. Through strong mentors, experiential learning in and outside of the classroom, and technology, we will allow our students to truly discover who they are and how they learn. We believe that every child has a gift and it is our job to help recognize and foster that gift.

North Point School for Boys will follow and expand on the requirements of the Alberta Curriculum. Socratic teaching methods will be utilized to encourage critical thinking and analysis. There will be extensive assessment of skill levels, learning styles and aptitudes, in order to customize learning. The latest in education software and gaming will be used to deliver reading, writing and math skills tailored to individual learning styles and will ensure that a student has mastered each element of a subject before progressing on to the next level. Experiential learning will give concepts purpose and context, while developing independent learners.

If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn. -Ignacio Estrada

What We Value

We value self-reliance, creativity, leadership, individuality, respect for self and others, a strong sense of curiosity, and an appreciation of the outdoors. Through an integrated approach, our program at North Point will focus on Academics, Outdoor Exploration, Technology, Athletics, the Arts, Leadership and Community Service. We strive to motivate our boys to accomplish whatever they set out to do, in their own unique way. Ultimately, our goal is to unlock their desire to learn, while at North Point and throughout their lives.

Why a Boys School?

In the past decade boys have fallen behind in classroom achievement, numbers going on to post-secondary education, and numbers getting jobs out of University. The research points to an education system not ideally designed for how many boys learn and behave. A system that once focussed on math and science and encouraged good healthy competition, now focusses on reading and writing and rewards students who can sit still and listen quietly. This approach is not very effective for many boys, who tend to be kinesthetic learners, making them behaviour problems in the classroom simply because they listen and learn better if they can move around and manipulate things. Research shows that boys develop language skills later than girls, and yet the pressure to read and write begins early in kindergarten, putting boys at a disadvantage right out of the gate, often turning them off school before they can develop a love of learning. Teachers who have experience in an all boys’ environment recognize that boys arrive to school fidgety, less organized and with a fascination for exploration, adventure and building. North Point is about changing the way that boys are taught on every level, working with their strengths and appealing to their individual learning style.

Our Students

North Point School welcomes all Boys who are curious, enthusiastic, and would benefit from an active learning environment. It is for students who want to achieve their personal best academically, while exploring and interacting with the world around them. We recognize that each student comes with their own unique gifts and interests and that a diverse school community benefits everyone. We are not equipped to serve children with serious learning disabilities or extreme behaviour problems.