Learning Re-imagined

North Point School for Boys taps into boys’ natural curiosity and energy as a foundation for life-long learning.  A strong academic program is just the beginning – we fuel motivation through real-life learning, digital platforms, and outdoor adventure developing well rounded, self-motivated, independent learners.

  • The ideal student is a boy who will thrive in a very active, close-knit setting, one in which physical activity, including athletics and physical competition, is a significant aspect of school life.
    Our Kids
    Our Kids
  • ...a fidgety introvert with a love for all things technology, and a requirement for copious physical exercise. He immediately felt at home at North Point.
    Rhonda Ness
    Our Kids
  • I am continuously impressed with the program; the diversity of sports, arts  and education is amazing. We are so happy that we made the decision to enroll Owen there. He has grown personally so much and we know North Point has played a key role in that development.
    Lori & Scott A.
  • Our son actually says, “I love North Point School”.  He keeps thanking us for sending him. He talks about what he is learning, shows pride in his work, cares about his school, his peers and his teachers are important to him. This is a very special school.
  • Mom - do you know what I didn’t like about my shadow day at North Point?…NOTHING! I like everything about this school!
    Ben Raugust
  • The response from both the students and the teachers that join them is highly positive! The boys are adorable and SO well behaved, it’s awesome.
    Naomi Le Bihan
    Undrcard Boxing Studio
  • I must tell you how impressed I am about how the school presents itself, its mission and its success....in assessing success, you remember the void that there was before you courageously took the plunge into the unknown to create North Point School.
    Michael Walker, Board Member
    North Point School for Boys
  • My daughters and I ...feel valued and impressed with the next level gentlemen you are raising in this school.
    Heather Raugust
  • Sam loved his [shadow] day - the one thing he continually keeps bringing up is how welcoming everyone was. I asked him how he felt about going to North Point for grade 4 and he said "yes, I could probably go there for grade 3 too!"  -- Shadow Day Parent/Student
    Shadow Day Parent (Tammy Main)




Office Hours Tues. to Thurs.
Aug 6 – Aug 23 all-day

Limited office hours. Please call and leave a message.

Teacher Organizational Day – NO CLASSES
Aug 26 – Aug 29 all-day
Non-instructional Day – NO CLASSES
Aug 30 all-day
Labour Day – School CLOSED
Sep 2 all-day
Sep 3 all-day

Welcome to 2019-20. We will run a standard school day 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Students are to dress in the North Point EVERYDAY Wear.

Please refer to
https://www.northpoint.school/parents/dress-code/” Dress Code on our website for more information.

We know boys

Sitting at a desk all day is not suited to the way boys think and learn. The North Point program is a fundamental re-thinking of how a classroom operates. We design environments and experiences that are specifically geared to challenge and engage boys by focusing on their interest in practical problem solving, hands-on learning, and outdoor exploration. We understand that boys need to move to learn and we embrace and capitalize on their natural curiosity and enthusiasm.

We foster real-life learning

‘Learn by doing’ is our mantra. We draw from theories proving that boys’ retention, self- esteem and engagement are heightened through direct experience. Our hands-on approach crystallizes concepts by putting students in the centre of the learning cycle, ensuring that they are not just passive observers.

We are on the frontier of technology

We extend our physical classroom into the virtual realm by enriching our curriculum with online educators from around the world. This diverse digital platform allows us to develop personalized learning plans for every single student, and provides a flexible framework from which we guide our boys in becoming self-motivated, independent learners. We also know that most boys love technology, and we help them master concepts by integrating software, apps, and even gaming into daily activities to tap into their interests.

We always ask WHY

The Socratic method of continual inquiry and discussion frames our focus and is the foundation for engagement with our students. Our classrooms are not lecture halls. They are forums where we foster critical thinking, self-confidence and language development, allowing students to look for solutions through healthy, constructive debate.

We foster a well rounded education

Although sports and movement play a large role in our students day to day activities, we also encourage their natural, and often untapped, creativity in drama, music and art.